I’m Pregnant With Baby #2!!

Yep, you read that right. I’M PREGNANT AGAIN!! I’m a new mom of soon-to-be Irish twins!

How exciting and scary all at the same time. My son was only 4 months when I found out and surprisingly, this baby is due only 8 days after my son’s birthday! 

It took me a while to announce my pregnancy and I’m not sure why. Part of me was worried about what people would say or think, and the other part of me didn’t care at all. 

I’ve learned in these 23 years of life, though, that you can’t worry about what people have to say. If you worry about other people’s opinions, you will never be satisfied with your life or find happiness (stay tuned for my blog post on happiness coming soon). If you’re living life for other people, then who are you really? It took me to realize that for me to say, you know what, this is MY life and MY children! I cannot hide my blessing out of fear of another human. After all, whether you’re doing well or bad, people will have an opinion anyway!

But back to the positive: I’m nearing the end of my 2nd trimester and time is really flying! 

It’s another boy. I knew he was a boy the second I heard I was pregnant. I just never saw myself having girls and turns out I was right! Who knows, maybe I’ll end up adopting one later on in life.  At first I was a bit disappointed, but then all the thoughts of my son having a forever best friend and thinking of all the memories they will make together overpowered any ill feelings I once had. 

We can’t wait to meet baby Jayce! I’m hoping this time around I can go into labor naturally as I was induced with my last, but what’s most important is having a healthy and safe labor & delivery. 

Here’s to double strollers, football, basketball, and little league games. I’m now an official mom of boys!




Wow, I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve posted. So much has been going on, and I’ve been enjoying the highs and lows of motherhood but I’ll be sure to update you guys with all the changes!

First update is yes, I am still vegan. 

I’ve had my mix ups, where I’ve eaten some meat filled meals, but everytime I did, I was filled with laziness, sluggishness, and regret. I am open about having meat because this journey isn’t a straight shooting one. I don’t pretend to be perfect nor do I pretend to have it all together. I’m human and I make mistakes. But what I won’t do is dwell on them. I take the lesson and move forward. After all, once you know better, you DO better. 

I’ve been loving my vegan journey–tremendously! It’s hard to explain, but being vegan has taught me things about myself and given me so much clarity and patience. It has truly improved the quality of my life and I don’t anticipate on going back to feeling tired after eating a plate filled with a dead animal. 

This blog post, I just want to show you guys a lot of the food I’ve been enjoying. I cook all of my food, homemake most of my sauces and dressings (if you want recipes, maybe I can make a segment of my blog for that let me know!), and I have really enjoyed being the kitchen. 

I hope you all enjoy these pics and feel inspired to make a healthy choice! 

Self-love begins with what you decide to put into your body. This ranges from the food you eat, the energy you consume, the words you speak and even the thoughts you have. 

Just remember: “when you eat, you’re either fighting a disease or feeding it.”

  Berry smoothie bowl topped with homemade granola, coconut, strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries.

  Vegan tacos (no, that isn’t meat!)

  Chia pudding topped with peaches and pure maple syrup 

  Grapefruit with sweetener and chopped pecans.

  At home Chipotle bowl

  Baked potato wedges 

  Brown rice and quinoa sushi (this wasn’t homemade, got it from whole foods)

    Green smoothie (what kind of vegan would I call myself without one of these?!)

    Teriyaki veggie stir fry (I wish I added sesame seeds)

 Vegan pizza

  Banana walnut bread


Uh-oh, it’s that time of the week again! Can I get an amen??



Need I say much, or should I let the pictures speak for themselves? I think the latter. 

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Happy reading, beauties!


New Hair-Do Alert!! Poetic Justice Box Braids

Ok, I might be lying. 

This hair do isn’t so new, but I have finally grown into it!

I got Poetic Justice inspired braids! These have been all the rave for a while now, and if you’re unsure of where the name ‘Poetic Justice’ comes from, please climb from underneath the rock you’ve been living under. 

Just kidding (not really).

Anywho, these are box braids, plaits, poetic justice braids, all the alike. The name “Poetic Justice” refers to the awesome movie featuring Janet Jackson, Tupac, and Regina King. Janet’s braids were so fleeky that we all decided to bring them back relevant.

   (That new growth, tho Janet?!)

If you’re new to my blog, then you should know that I am growing my curls back out. I have naturally curly hair, but thanks to the evil nemesis, better known as the flat iron, I have permanently damaged my curls and must start over. *Insert ugly cry here*

Hence, this post. I’m on a journey most naturals and sistahs know as “transitioning.” It’s not an easy journey, so I’m trying to minimize my bad hair days by doing as many protective styles that I can while allowing my hair the time it needs to grow out to a length I’m comfortable with rocking. 

When I first got them installed, I liked them, but I wasn’t FEELING them. I thought they were so big, long, and heavy. I was just so sure I’d be taking them out within a week. 

Well, If it weren’t for the price I paid, I would’ve taken them out, but I decided to give them a chance and I’m so happy I did!

What do you guys think of them? Hit or miss? Let me know in the comments!


An Open Letter To Formula Feeding Mommies

Dear Formula Feeding Mama,

It’s midnight. As you pour the water into the bottle and precisely measure those scoops, you’re asking yourself, “Am I hurting my baby?” “Why is everyone judging me for feeding MY child?”

I get it. I get you.

You’ve done all you can to try and breastfeed, but it’s just not working out. You might have even ‘chosen’ to formula feed. And you know what? IT’S OK.

Stop explaining yourself to people. The only person who deserves your explanation is that precious sweet baby who’s gazing into your eyes as they gulp down their supplement.

It’s not easy being a mother. Nonetheless, it’s not easy when you’re receiving judgment for making the best choices you can for your family. Everyone who’s judging you weren’t there when baby kept unlatching at 2am and screaming bloody murder. Where was everyone when you couldn’t calm your baby enough to even take the boob? How about when your supply dropped so much you couldn’t even pump an ounce no matter how hard you tried? EXACTLY. It was you and baby. Baby and you. And all of us mommies can attest to, “you gotta do what you gotta do.

Even if you chose to formula feed simply out of choice, you have that freedom!

Either way, we all have the same end goal in mind and that is to keep our babies fed.

There is NOTHING wrong with formula feeding. Stop allowing all of the judgment to cloud your confidence and make you feel less of a mommy because you don’t have a baby gnawing at your boob every 2 hours. You matter too. What matters most is that your baby’s tummy is full and that they are happy.

I support you, I AM YOU. My baby is formula fed and is thriving. What works for me might not necessarily work for another family and vice versa. There isn’t anything wrong with that. But I would never allow anyone to try and belittle my abilities as a mother just because of the way I feed my son.

Let’s support each other and remember that motherhood is never easy.

As mommies, we have to stick together, support each other’s choices, and raise up the next generation!


  A Proud Formula Feeder

P.S. Check out my mommy channel on youtube!!


Hey everyone, sorry I’ve been gone, but I’m back for good!

Just been on a soul searching journey, and while I’m far from finished, I’m loving where I am at. So I took a break from social media for these past 2 weeks, but no more abandonment!

I was actually nominated for the Liebster Award by the beautiful Shemaiasunflower! It’s an awesome chance to get to spotlight other small bloggers. In this tag, you get tagged and answer the questions the tagger asked you. Once you’ve finished, you tag 5 other bloggers with 500 or less followers and ask them a series of questions.

Unfortunately, I don’t have anyone to tag or ask any questions (don’t hate me!), but I would love to answer the ones that were asked to me:

1. What is one thing you know now that you wish you knew when you were younger?

Without a doubt, I would have to say that I wish I knew the importance of the phrase “this too shall pass.” When I was younger I stressed so many small things (that seemed life ending worthy back then) and doubted myself so much that it hindered me from taking risks, letting certain people go, and just living life and cherishing moments to my full capability.

2. What/who is your biggest motivation?

This is another “no brainer” for me. MY SON!! He is my rock and my reason behind every decision I make no matter how big or small. Before I became a mother, I might’ve selected a celebrity that I look up to, but my son is more important than any other person walking this earth. Just seeing the way he looks at me with so much unconditional love, I know that I can never “give up” for as long as I live. I can go on about this forever, but I’ll just cut it short here.

  (Mommy loves you baby!)

3. What is your favorite retail store?

Not sure if this counts as a store since it’s based online, but as of late I am really loving www.fashionnova.com. They have the cutest, trendiest clothes and for such reasonable prices. As I get older, my style changes drastically and I no longer dress how I would’ve a year or 2 ago. I’m all about minimal and neutral, solid colors now and they provide a lot of that for me.

Now when I physically go into the mall, I notice I always end up in H&M somehow, lol.

4. Who is your favorite singer/rapper/group?

This question can have a million answers because my music is based off my mood at the time. But as of right now, my favorite artists are PARTYNEXTDOOR, Future, and Drake.

5. Who do you think is going to win the presidential election?

I’m not informed enough on each candidate to make that prediction as of yet. (I like to stand by only speaking on something I know about. If I am not as educated about it as I’d like to be, I spare others of my ignorance lol).

6. Who do you want to win the presidential election?

I’m a ‘conspiracist’ at heart, do we really want to get on this subject? 😉

7. What is your favorite book?

Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Please read this. PLEASE.

8. Where is your most favorite place to be?

The beach or cuddled up under my boyfriend and our son <3.

9. NFL fan or NBA fan? What teams/players?

NBA. And I gotta rep the home team #MiamiHeat !!!!!! *secretly begs Lebron James to come back and save us*

10. If you could have any career in the world what would it be?

Well this is in the making: I will be a Real Estate Mogul, own a Property Management Company, own some investment properties. Additionally, I will own a Public Relations Firm as well as be an investor.

11. What is your favorite food?

I don’t think I have one. I’m weird when it comes to food.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed my answers and got a better understanding of me.

Do you have any other questions you’d like to know about me? Leave them in the comments section!

Thanks again for the nomination! ❤



One of my favorite days of the week just because of these posts! 

I noticed my readers love these even more so that makes me happy to see everyone be so admirable of black beauty. 

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Peace and love beauties. ❤